Good news, your camera is supported by SILKYPIX! You can process your RAW photos taken with the Fujifilm S3 Pro camera with SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro9 or later or SILKYPIX Developer Studio 9 or later.

Fujifilm S3 Pro Features

  • 12.3 MP Fujifilm SuperCCD SR II ; Sensor captures 12.1MP (4256×2848-pixel)
  • Dual memory slots for CF Type II and  xD-Picture cards. Stores CCD-RAW or JPEG images with two compression levels (fine or normal).
  • Nikon F-mount lenses compatible lens inc D/G-type Nikkor and DX Nikkor. 1.5X 35mm lens factor
  • Selectable 5-point AF  plus manual focus. Bright AF assist light
  • 30-1/4000-sec shutter speeds plus Bulb. Max. 1/180-sec flash sync.
  • 10-zone 3D Matrix metering, centerweighted average, or 1.8% spot. Selectable ISO 100-1600.
  • FireWire, Hi-Speed USB 2.0, remote control, video out
  • Four rechargeable NiMH AA cells, power adapter

Fujifilm SuperCCD technology was introduced in 1999. It is based on the Fujifilm FinePix S2 Pro SuperCCD SR II matrix.

RAW Conversion & Fujifilm S3 Pro

SILKYPIX Developer Studio 9 and SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro9 added support for this camera on release.


Non Destructive Editing

Make changes - a lot of them. All edits are saved in separate files. When your photo is perfect, then develop it into a new image.


Better Correction Tools

Each version of SILKYPIX adds new tools and improves existing tools. No gimmicks to get you into a cloud or ecosystem.


Best Camera Support

Camera manufacturers trust SILKYPIX. It supports more cameras, and gets updates faster from camera makers.