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Nikon D3400 Features

  • 23.5 x 15.6 mm CMOS sensor
  • Image Size: 6000 x 4000 (large) 4496 x 3000 (medium) 2992 x 2000 (small)
  • File Format: NEF (RAW): 12 bit, compressed; JPEG: JPEG-Baseline compliant with fine (approx. 1 : 4), normal (approx. 1 : 8) or basic (approx. 1 : 16) compression; NEF (RAW) + JPEG: Single photograph recorded in both NEF (RAW) and JPEG formats
  • Picture Control System: Standard, Neutral, Vivid, Monochrome, Portrait, Landscape, Flat; selected Picture Control can be modified
  • Media: SD (Secure Digital) and UHS-I compliant SDHC and SDXC memory cards
  • Built in Flash: Auto, auto with red-eye reduction, auto slow sync, auto slow sync with red-eye reduction, fill-flash, red-eye reduction, slow sync, slow sync with red-eye reduction, rear-curtain with slow sync, rear-curtain sync, off
  • Movie: Actual frame rates for 60p, 50p, 30p, 25p, and 24p are 59.94, 50, 29.97, 25, and 23.976 fps respectively; options support both high and normal image quality
  • Audio: Built-in monaural microphone; sensitivity adjustable

RAW Conversion & Nikon Nikon D3400

SILKYPIX Developer Studio 76 and SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro7 added support for this camera on September 16, 2016.