This is the final update to the SILKYPIX DS 6 series. Previous versions of DS 6 series products are no longer supported.

Update your installation of SILKYPIX 6 series to the newest versions released as of May 20, 2016

Developer Studio Pro6 Ver.6.0.26 Windows / Mac OS X Version Update

This is the final update to the SILKYPIX DS 6 series. Pro6 last update was March 28, 2016.


  • [Improved] Show the lens name recorded in a RAW/JPEG image which is shot with some cameras by Panasonic
  • [Improved] Doesn't display a hourglass mark in the preview of the "Develop" dialog after any setting is changed in the dialog
  • [Fixed] RAW images with some of Sony A55 / A65 / A99 are not available
  • [Fixed] Undo and Redo did not operate correctly
  • [Fixed] View > Sort thumbnails... menu was disabled when the thumbnail view was displayed as a floating window
  • [Fixed] preview image blinked after you operated a handle of the cropping area on the preview window
  • [Fixed] (Windows Only) application in the full screen preview mode was forced to quit when one of the multiple monitors was disconnected
  • [Fixed] (MacOS X Only) parameters tastes could not be imported from a file saved through "Export all" button in the "parameters tastes" dialog
  • [Fixed] Other small fixes

New Camera Support

  • [Added] Casio EX-ZR3100
  • [Added] Casio EX-ZR3600
  • [Added] Fujifilm X70 (*1)
  • [Added] Fujifilm X-E2S (*1)
  • [Added] Fujifilm X-Pro2 (*1*2)
  • [Added] Nikon D5
  • [Added] Olympus PEN-F
  • [Added] Olympus STYLUS SH-3
  • [Added] Panasonic DMC-CM10 (*3)
  • [Added] Panasonic DMC-TX1 (*3)
  • [Added] Panasonic DMC-TZ80 (*3)
  • [Added] Panasonic DMC-TZ81 (*3)
  • [Added] Panasonic DMC-TZ85 (*3)
  • [Added] Panasonic DMC-TZ100 (*3)
  • [Added] Panasonic DMC-TZ101 (*3)
  • [Added] Panasonic DMC-TZ110 (*3)
  • [Added] Panasonic DMC-ZS60 (*3)
  • [Added] Panasonic DMC-ZS100 (*3)
  • [Added] Panasonic DMC-ZS110 (*3)
  1.  "FILM SIMULATION" is supported and an available film simulation can be selected
  2. "LOSSLESS COMPRESSED" of the RAW RECORDING is not supported currently
  3. "Photo style/Camera color" is supported and an available photo style can be selected


Mac OS X Windows

Developer Studio 6 Ver.6.1.28 Windows / Mac OS X Version Update

This is the final update to the SILKYPIX DS 6 series. Developer Studio 6 update was May 20, 2016.

New Camera Support

  • [Added] Canon EOS-1D X Mark II (*1)
  • [Added] Canon EOS Kiss X80
  • [Added] Canon Rebel T6
  • [Added] Canon 1300D
  • [Added] Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II
  1.  sRAW and mRAW demosaicing sharpness is not available


Mac OS X Windows


Non Destructive Editing

Make changes - a lot of them. All edits are saved in separate files. When your photo is perfect, then develop it into a new image.


Better Correction Tools

Each version of SILKYPIX adds new tools and improves existing tools. No gimmicks to get you into a cloud or ecosystem.


Best Camera Support

Camera manufacturers trust SILKYPIX. It supports more cameras, and gets updates faster from camera makers.