SILKYPIX Spotting Tools help you fix unwanted aberrations in your photos. Among the Spotting Tools is a specialized Red Eye Correction Tool

The Red Eye Correction Tool is only available in SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro6 or later. This tutorial uses the Red Eye Correction Tool.

The Red Eye problem appears when using a flash in proximity to the camera lens, in ambient, low light. In low light, the pupils of eyes dilate, exposing a larger area. In this case, the light of the flash passing in through the eye is reflected back and nearly the same angle.

The Red Eye Correction Tool is specifically designed to detect the flash and light phenomenon and correct it.

What You Will Learn in this Tutorial

  • How to Open, Select and Save an Image for Development
  • How to Access the Red Eye Correction Tool
  • How to Adjust the size and zoom of the Spotting Tools Preview Window
  • How to Apply the Red Eye Correction Tool and Undo changes as needed

Want to try it yourself with the example image? Download the example image.