Here are several examples of how SILKYPIX restores white balance and color temperature.

Your Subject is Too White

White Balance: Subject is Too White

The wall of the building isn't so white and washed out. The camera Auto White Balance can cause some lighter areas to be over corrected. SILKYPIX AWB (Absolute) can detect the color of the light source, without relying on the color of the subject. The result is a more accurate Auto White Balance.

Too Much Green in Your Picture

Too Much Green

Many digital cameras detect a lot of green in the image and adjust the white balance accordingly; this in turn loses most of the warmth of the image. SILKYPIX AWB controls can detect and resolve this problem.

Shooting in Cloudy Weather

Shooting in Cloudy Weather

The pictures on cloudy days became bluish, and turbid. Turbidity of color is eliminated by setting the correct white balance.

No Gray in the Composition

No Gray in Composition Problem

If there is no gray part in the photo, an accurate auto white balance is difficult. Gray is also a neutral color and without a baseline, it is difficult to achieve total color balance. SILKYPIX AWB sets the white balance correctly even though there is no gray part.

Non Destructive Editing

Make changes - a lot of them. All edits are saved in separate files. When your photo is perfect, then develop it into a new image.


Better Correction Tools

Each version of SILKYPIX adds new tools and improves existing tools. No gimmicks to get you into a cloud or ecosystem.


Best Camera Support

Camera manufacturers trust SILKYPIX. It supports more cameras, and gets updates faster from camera makers.