Most digital cameras include hardware based Exposure Bias settings, but the human eye is a much better judge. The system in your camera usually defaults a median based on average values in your entire picture which can result in a loss of details in dark areas and highlights getting washed out. SILKYPIX Exposure Bias sliders enable you to adjust underexposed and overexposed photos.

Fixing Low Light Problems with SILKYPIX Exposure Bias

This photo was captured under low light. Using SILKYPIX Exposure Bias, improves the exposure and reveals details.

Fixing Overexposure Problems with SILKYPIX Exposure Bias

This photo was overexposed. Using SILKYPIX Exposure Bias, a better graduated level of exposure is achieved in the photo.

You can create an image with the lightness you want by making detailed adjustments that cannot be set with the camera. By adjusting the slider, you can adjust the exposure from -3.0EV to +3.0EV in steps of 0.1EV.

Exposure Bias with RAW Photos in SILKYPIX 10

SILKYPIX fully utilizes the highlight information of RAW data.

Non Destructive Editing

Make changes - a lot of them. All edits are saved in separate files. When your photo is perfect, then develop it into a new image.


Better Correction Tools

Each version of SILKYPIX adds new tools and improves existing tools. No gimmicks to get you into a cloud or ecosystem.


Best Camera Support

Camera manufacturers trust SILKYPIX. It supports more cameras, and gets updates faster from camera makers.