The Tone Curve tool controls certain ranges of actual tones in an image rather than altering separate colors. When correcting tone by using the general RGB composite tone curve, both color and brightness will also change. Because you can adjust only the tone of brightness with the L Tone Curve channel, color omissions decrease, and you have fewer color shift issues that arise in chroma. as well as changed in chroma.

While both portrait or macro photography can contain a lot of blur, you can achieve both soft and vivid expression using this new channel.

High Key Adjustments

High Key Lighting in Photography with SILKYPIX

High Contrast Adjustments

 High Contrast Adjustments in Photography

Luminance Tone Curve Control

The  Tone Curve control is a tool for making minute adjustments to tone expression after completing adjustments to other biases and for converting brightness for effect.

Luminance Tone Curve in Photography