You can obtain effects that increase the emphasis and sharpness of details of the subject being photographed by adding grey scale noise to your photographs. This is not simply adding noise uniformly, but rather distinguishing the brightness in photographs and adding noise filters to applicable photographs changed automatically in quantities generating noise depending on the area.

The Add Noise feature is only available in SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro6.

You can use this as a film grain (granular feeling of the frame) emulation.

Adding noise in monochrome photography

You can improve gradations and direct textures by adding noise in monochrome photography.

Adding noise in color photography

You can also finish with a feeling of film photography by adding grey scale noise in color photography as well.

Noise Amount

You can adjust intensity by adding grey scale noise. Setting to strong will add strong noise, bringing a high contrast in noise.

Difference of Noise Amount

Noise Size

You can adjust the size of grey scale noise. You can determine the size of noise depending on usage, based on the final print size by increasing or decreasing it.

Difference of Noise Size