SILKYPIX supports displaying photos taken using selected equipment maker simulation or style systems by default.

Panasonic Photo Style

Panasonic also has an on-camera processing method called Panasonic Photo Style. Panasonic describes Panasonic Photo Style as:

As different subjects require different levels of contrast, sharpening and colour saturation most camera manufacturers offer in-camera modes to help users achieve an appropriate processing response to a range of shooting situations. Very often these are considered primarily for those who shoot in JPEG mode, but those who shoot in raw using Lumix cameras might also find them very useful for a number of reasons. All Lumix G cameras, and most of the compact and bridge models, have these modes – called Photo Styles. These are programmed into the camera to allow users to create different looks for their photos and to match the camera’s processing settings to the subject being recorded.

Support depends on the specific camera model. It isn't an all or nothing matter of support. If you do not see your camera supported, check for later 'point updates' that may add your camera.